Three Myths about Weight Loss


Myth #1: No matter how much to eat fruits and vegetables will not cause fat.

The people who want to lose weight are known to eat more fruits and vegetables, some people even eat them at every meal, thought it will not lead to obesity. Be careful this wrong understanding, this may be the reason for you can’t lose weight. Nutritionists said, fruits and vegetables fiber-rich, they are easy to increases satiety, but the lack of essential nutrients such as protein and so on, if things go on like this will result in the lower immunity and malnutrition. For people who want to lose weight, the fiber will be distend their stomach if eating too much fruit and vegetables, some fruit have high in calories. Want to get health and beauty through the fruit and vegetable, should be moderate eating them, and choose low-calorie.

Myth #2: Natural or herbal weight loss goods are secure and efficient.

Fact: An appetite suppressant product which statements to be “natural” or “herbal” is not necessarily safe. These items are not usually scientifically tested to prove that they’re safe or that they work. For instance, natural herbs containing ephedra have caused serious health conditions as well as death. Newer products which boast of being ephedra-free aren’t necessarily danger-free, because they might have ingredients much like ephedra.

Myth #3: By eating and exercise consistently, you will not ever put on weight

You have to be prepared to make change in lifestyle and dietary adjustments because you age, change, and grow. Truth be told, your metabolism decelerates as you age. Therefore, you frequently ought to either eat fewer or exercise more to avoid putting on the weight. The biggest change usually occurs around the age of 40. Your metabolism will continue to decelerate more gradually over the years, so always keep your meal and employ plan flexible.