Home Remedies for Constipation


Constipation is a symptom of decreased frequency in bowel movements, usually because it contains less water than normal. If your stool is hard, dry, or painful, you’re probably experiencing a bout of constipation. Fortunately, there are many simple and easy home remedies to enhance the functionality of your digestive system to treat the problem of constipation. Here are top 7 home remedies for Constipation.

1. Drink water

When suffering from constipation it is very important to drink enough fluids. Consuming at least eight glasses of water a day not only improves your general health, but also helps moisten the intestines so that the bowels move easily. Other drinks, such as juice and soda, cannot compare regardless of how healthy or natural they are, because they tend to contain excessive sugar that could actually exacerbate constipation.

2. Get moving

If you want stuff to move through your body, you need to move too! Moderate to rigorous physical exercise is preferred, but even taking a low-key 30-minute walk will help your body promote healthy bowel movements.

3. Fiber

One of the best known home remedies for constipation is fiber. Fiber, the indigestible parts of plant foods, adds mass to the stool and stimulates the colon to push things along. Aim for at least 24 to 38 grams of fiber a day. Some high-fiber foods include: beans, potatoes, carrots, fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole-grain pasta (cooked), barley (cooked), and so on.

4. Probiotics

Like fiber, probiotics are a relatively easy home cure for constipation because they are available in foods that many families already have in the refrigerator. Healthy gut flora is vital to keep our digestive system working properly, especially in these times, when our stomach is getting pounded with all sorts of processed sugars and foods. Eat a cup of yogurt with breakfast, and then on its own or with snacks throughout the day.

5. Lemon

Lemon (Nimbu) juice is recommended by most Ayurvedic practitioners. All you need to do is mix one teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of warm water. Add a pinch of salt to the solution. Drink this juice on an empty stomach to relieve constipation. Follow this remedy daily and within a few days your problem of constipation will be a part of history. This is one of the simplest and most effective constipation treatments that you can try at home.

6. Spinach

Raw spinach has various components that can cleanse, reconstruct and regenerate the whole intestinal tract. You can have about 100 ml of spinach juice mixed with an equal quantity of water twice daily. Within a few days, you will get much relief.

7. Castor oil

Castor oil is a yellowish liquid that can be used as a home remedy for constipation because of its laxative property. Castor oil has properties that can kill intestinal worms and improves the bowel movement. You simply need to swallow one to two teaspoons of castor oil on an empty stomach. Do not forget to drink plenty of water throughout the water. Within a few hours you can notice huge improvement in your condition.

Always remember that while signs accompanying constipation such as abdominal pain, bloody stool, or unexpected weight loss should be brought to a doctor’s attention.